Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've been neglecting you

Hello all,

I would just like to say sorry for my absence. But I am back in the full swing of things at school, which means a very busy schedule. And the fashion show I'vee been telling you about is coming very near. Anyways, I am back...and I have a lot on my mind. So within the next few days, I will be doing a month round-up of all my crazy musings. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

From the Mind of Nina Garcia

Now I know that everyone is not as addicted to Project Runway, as I am. So let me catch you up on the fabulous Nina Garcia. Not only is she is a judge on Project Runway but she is the former editor of Elle magazine, and currently the Fashion Director at Marie Claire. Nina has been guiding the readers from the runway to their closet for over a year, but she has finally topped herself! In the September issue, Nina has put together her top shopping tips....and here they are.

1. Take inventory-If you try on your own clothes, and learn to mix and match. You won't be so prone to shopping for things you don't actually need.

2. Make a need list- After you take inventory of your closet, make a list of what you need, not what you want. Try to stock up on the basics, like a classic white shirt or a new little black dress.

3. Invest in the essentials- Splurge on things that will last for years. Like a nice coat. (Sidebar:Yes, at this time it's hard to spend more than $100 on anything and as a college student I know. But it makes more sense to spend money on something that will last, than be cheap and replace the item two months later.)

Nina provides readers with essential fashion advice every stay tuned for more.