Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Latest Covet

Birthday Party in a Box
$32.95 from Cheryl and Company

Now I know that this is a very unexpected wish list addition but I couldn't help myself. As a former employee of Cheryl and Company, I know first hand that these cookies are the best you will ever buy. Made fresh when you order and shipped in flavor seal wrapper, these cookies are soft enough to melt in your mouth without milk. There is also a very large variety of cookies, brownies and sweets galore. This birthday party box just happens to be a perfect combo of all my favorites. SO who's buying them for me? I promise I'll share.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun with Photoshop!!!!

A picture I designed for a friends, fashion show...what do you think?

Am I Depressed????

No..... I don't mean literally, I mean is my wardrobe depressed?
If you haven't noticed from the previous post, the main color in my wardrobe is black... throw in a little brown, and maybe some olive green or burnt orange..... and you can picture my closet!!!
Now don't get me wrong I do have some bright colors to throw on... the occasional blue, purple, or pink. But I came to the realization that I don't even tend to buy red (which is my favorite color) anymore. I don't know what it is, but I am drawn to blacks and browns all year long.
Should I be worried???

Feedback Please:
Do you wear a lot of black?
Do you think black is depressing, or just a classic color?
Does all black look as chic and sexy as that little black dress?

---Thanks for the input!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Additions to my Wish List

This has been a busy but fun weekend. Because of that, I have 4 additions to my wish list today. Here goes....

Striped-Sweater Knit Slipper Boots $15 on Oldnavy.com

I love these slippers, instead of my normal fluffy slippers. I can slip these on and have warm feet while walking around the apartment. They are also a very reasonable price...so who's buying them for me?

Vested Sequin Top
$19.80 at Forever 21.com

This sparkly casual top can be worn with some sexy jeans and pumps to a party, or classic denim and knee-length boots to class. Why is this on my wish list? Because this has fall holiday party written all over it... who says pretty has to be uncomfortable.

Naughty Monkey 4 inch pumps
$49.99 on piperlime.com

I am not ashamed to say that I am an admirer of heels from afar. Due to 2 foot surgeries and all out clumsiness, heels give me so much pain I can't bear to stand in them for more than an hour.
But these babies are sooo drool worthy, and they seem to be calling my name. Not only are they the perfect combination of my loves of black and fun prints. They have also been marked down to a reasonable price! But I am a broke college student, and I am the birthday girl, I'd rather you buy them for me. Need my size?

Kelsi Dagger Calf Boots
$260.00 on piperlime.com

Explanation: I am in serious need of some new brown boots!!!!
Pricey they are, but you have to admit they are sexy....anyways I'll be waiting for them to hit clearance.

Stay tuned for the rest of my wish list, or have you gotten my gift already?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Birthday Wish List!!!

Ok so as I have mentioned before I will be turning 21 in 10 whole days. In honor of this extremely important holiday(:, I have decided to make myself a wish list. Every day I will post my new must have, no matter how outrageous it may be. SO please don't judge me if I go as far as to have a pony on the list, I mean it is my wish list!!! And on my actual birthday, I will reveal to you what I actually received. So cross your fingers and here goes!

My first Covet:

$14.58 on Amazon.com

The Teen Vogue Handbook: With interviews and tips from fashion legends, on how they broke into the industry and what you can do to get where they are. (I'll admit, I cheated and ordered this for myself.) But stay tuned and see what else I am drooling over!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Lady Obama on the Cover of Ebony

The above cover is the first of four Michelle Obama collectors editions. In this issue of Ebony, First Lady Obama is one of the 25 women on the "IT" list. This list featured women who make you stand up and take notice, who have done something groundbreaking for women in their lifetime. Michelle Obama was front and center on the list; along with Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, and Serena Williams. All of these women are perfect role models for young girls today, especially our First Lady. Who has taught us that a black woman can be successful on our her own, but can still support her man and take care of home. After all, Mrs. Obama will be taking care of the biggest house in the country.

Stay tuned...and watch her success.

Don't you just love the military look!!?

(Image taken from InStyle.com)
InStyle has just confirmed what us fashion mavens already knew, military style is so not just for combat! This is great news considering that the women in my family have a odd obsession for olive green, and now we have a fashionable reason to wear it. However this is not a new trend ladies and gents, so before you go out and splurge on a military jacket or anything in the ballpark please rummage through your parents closet. I've already done so and added a army fatigue peaseant skirt to my wardrobe. Now what will I spend money on are the beautiful wedged booties above, if only the bank would allow...maybe i'll be blessed. STay tuned to find out!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

You have got to Check this Out!!!!!

Ok so I'm checking my usual blog updates, keeping up with their personal lives or new fashion must-haves and I stumble upon this great blog! http://mydownlowlife.blogspot.com is about this woman who has discovered her husband is cheating and decided to go on her own sexcapade. She posts about her career, husband, and her new lover (who is a hip hop star) I guess you could call it a hip hop love triangle.

But I'll stop here because I don’t want to tell you too much (or risk copyright issues), so please check the site out for more, you won't be disappointed.


My Month at a Glance

Hello All!!!

As I said before school is definitely back in session and keeping me so busy, but I am very sorry for neglecting you. And just to cheer you up, here are some updates....
1. The 2nd Annual Fashion is Life was a success, and everything was perfect!!!! Ok that was a lie, anyone who knows fashion, knows that no matter how beautiful the models look on stage backstage is always hectic! But I enjoyed every minute of it. I was so stressed this past week about the show running smoothly but nothing noticeable went wrong. So Yay, Harambee and Mel Bell Inc.!!!

2. I am in the midst of a major change(I think). I am currently a Fashion Merchandising major but I just don't enjoy the classes anymore, I don't want to learn about the business of Fashion. I plan on changing to applied communications, which would prepare me for working at a magazine or even becoming a professional event planner(Idk, we'll see where life takes me)

3. O, and I'll also be 21 soon!!!! I have no idea what I am doing, but I know shopping will be somewhere in there...stay tuned for pics!