Thursday, December 31, 2009

College Students-We Need You!!!

Hello and Happy New Year's Eve Blog Lovers!!!

I just wanted to share a really short survey with you guys. A company I am affiliated with called University Chic is looking for some input from female college students, from all over the world. We would like you to click on the link below, and fill out the 2 minute survey. After you are done, please post a comment below, with your first name or nick name so that I can send a list in to the company. Don't forget that last part, because you would be helping me win a $25 gift card to Victoria's Secret Pink.


Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hello Blog Fans,

If you haven't checked the timer lately let me clue you in. I AM 19 DAYS AWAY FROM MOVING INTO MY MANHATTAN APARTMENT! And I can honestly say I am sooo very nervous, and not just because of the scary people that come along with the big city. But, because of the living arrangements, I have just found out that me and my roommate will be cramped up into a little bitty, 1 bedroom studio apartment(check out the picture above), and this would be ok, if we weren't both trying to invite a butt load of people up to visit. But somehow I'm sure we will work things out, maybe I won't actually bring my whole wardrobe with me. IDK?

But there's good news!! I have finished a lot of things on my To Do List, check it out:

1. Finish fall semester's finals with good grades-check

2. Meet with advisor to confirm classes for the spring and summer semester-check

3. Move out of my current apartment-check

4. Sell books back...collect donations...hustle up some funds lol-still in progress

5. Find a internship for this semester-check

6. Get hair cut and dyed again!-dyed, still in progress

7. Find bank and doctor's that I can use in the city.-check

8 Handle biz before I's, shopping, get directions...etc-still in progress

9. Move In and try to find my way around or at least which subway I need to get on.

10. O, I am taking classes lol, so buy books and school supplies and all that jazz lol.

And I have some other stuff to add to the list above as well, but I won't bore you with that.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Holiday Cheer!

Ok since I know I won't be on the computer at all tomorrow. I thought I'd stop in and wish you all a very happy holiday. Remember that this is not, the time to worry about what you get or what toys to buy the kids. This is a time to show your loved ones you care, and that you will always be there. Take the time to call a friend or family member from out of town, give personal notes or cards, or make special gifts for those you love. Believe me it is the thought that counts, I would rather a card made with love, than an expensive gift any day. I hope tomorrow is wonderful for you all, and you receive everything your heart desires!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My crazy playlist-my top 20 shuffle list...

So fellow blogger Melanie has tagged in me in this cool new blog trend. You put your Ipod or MP3 player on shuffle. And list the first 20 songs-artists on your list. Here's my list:

1. Lupe Fiasco-American Terrorist
2. John legend-Take Me Away
3. Chris Brown- I wanna Be
4. Nivea-Complicated
5. J. Holiday-Suffocate
6. Solange- God Given Name
7. Plies-Bust it Baby(Remix)
8. Chris Brown-Fallen Angel
9. John Legend-This Time
10. J.Holiday and Trey Songz-Bed
11. Chris Brown and Keri Hilson-Superhuman
12. Avril Lavigne- Girlfriend remix
13. John Legend-Cross the Line
14. John Legend- It's Over
15. The Dream-I love your girl
16. Mariah Carey-Bye Bye
17. Lil Wayne-Your Nasty
18. Britney Spears-Can't Make you Love Me
19. John Legend and Brandy-Quickly
20. Jay-Z- Death of Auto-Tune

Now I'm tagging the followers below....tell me what's on your playlist:
And also check out Melanie's List
Start Posting!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you....your far too kind!

Hello Blogger Fans!

The very talented Ms. Downlow nominated me for the award above I have to tell you guys 10 random things about me and nominate a few blogs of my here goes!

1. Sometimes I grind my teeth....gross I know.

2. My favorite color is red...but for some reason i never actually wear it.

3. My laptop's name is Daisy, lol.

4. And I named my best friend's laptop Tupac(thats Daisy's man)

5.Um, I love to read pretty much everything from Zane to Harry Potter( I don't discriminate)

6.I am completely addicted to computer had a virus and was down for a week...I almsot cried.

7. I am the youngest child.

8. I have a nephew who is literally the only man in my life. he's a baby and can do no wrong.

9. I have switched my major 3 or 4 hey it took me a while to figure my life out.

10.I am so close to my family, I literally talk to my mom everyday and I will always be a Daddy's Girl.

Well that was 10 random things about it's your turn! Check out the 5 blogs I've nominated below...cuz it may be you:

Life of a Fashion Dork

Ok guys keep blogging...and start nominating other blogs you love!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Countdown to NYC!!!

Hello Blog Lovers,

If you would so kindly check the timer to the right you will notice that I only have 30more days until I move into my New York City apartment....YES! It took me a while to feel excitement, because things kept getting in my way...but now I'm letting all the worries go. I've gotten accepted to the program, I payed my tuition and for a safe apartment to live in, I may scrounge on living expenses; but who cares I won't be in Ohio anymore!!!

Now all I have to do is my make and complete a To-Do goes:

1. Finish fall semester's finals with good grades

2. Meet with advisor to confirm classes for the spring and summer semesters

3. Move out of my current apartment

4. Sell books back...collect donations...hustle up some funds lol

5. Find a internship for this semester

6. Get hair cut and dyed again!

7. Find bank and doctor's that I can use in the city.

8 Handle biz before I's, shopping, get directions...etc

9. Move In and try to find my way around or at least which subway I need to get on.

10. O, I am taking classes lol, so buy books and school supplies and all that jazz lol.

***My personal list is so much more detailed....but I just wanted to give you all a glimpse of what it's like to pack up your whole life basically and move into a itty bitty studio apartment that you have to share with someone else. I'm tired just thinking about it and I still haven't figured out what I'm not taking with me...IDK! But, I promise to keeo you posted***


I know that this is suppose to be a fashion related blog. However it is called the Life and Times of a Fashion Diva(I'm the diva!), so pleezzze don't mind the random craziness!!! Because hey that's what my life consists of.

Young Money Everywhere!

Now as if Lil Wayne wasn't in every video and on every song, as a solo artist. He has now turned all of his young money artist's into mini clones! Don't get me wrong each artist is very talented on their own...
1. Drake- Was nominated for a grammy without actually releasing an album. And he made videos for songs off of his mix tape.
2. Nicki Minaj-Has showed people that female MC's can be naked and talented at the same time.
3. Lloyd- Well he's been gone for a while, and I'm just happy his sexy self is back!
4. Lil Wayne(The mix tape king)- well let me be honest, I respect that he can make stupid songs hot, but I feel like if I were to listen to him on a regular basis, I would have to be addicted to some type of drug.

....but all of young money together will get old real soon, I mean we saw what happened to Cash Money right?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How could mankind stoop so low?

The picture to the right was posted on US, as a apart of their Celebrity babies of 2009. This is a photograph of Heidi Klum and her third chid with her husband Seal. However the picture is not the focus point of this blog, but instead the ignorant comments it received.

Here are some comments people posted in response to this picture:

"There is nothing miraculous about babies and they are not gifts from god. All forms of animials have offspring--it is just nature. And yes, the baby is not very good looking, some babies are ugly, but they change as they older. But, this picture of her with this black baby is very unsettling."

"Heidi aint got NO respect at all for herself. tHAt low life tramp will sleep with ANYTHIng and I do mean ANYTHING, look at Seal. That shows just how low women like Heidi will stoop." Her Husband Seal is a black man.

"I'd have to agree with "anon", not the cutest kid of a mixed race, but then again Kimora's little boy I think wasn't cute in the first few months of life. He's adorable now! We'll just have to see(fingers crossed)"

Another ignorant reader in response to the comment above."some of these (he meant biracial) babies are cute while others are absolutly hideous and unnatural. it's evidence that society is on the decline."

I have never been so hurt in my life, not only were these comments ignorant, rude, and disrespectful. They were just all out racist, I never knew that you could be filled with so much hate that you would talk about a baby like this. I though that we had made progress by electing a black president, but I see we still have so much more hatred to live through. Guys, I was so upset at this I immediately commented back to the people showing them how ignorant they were. I mean free speech is one thing, but slandering is another! Bloggers, please tell me why can't we all just get a long?

To see all of the on the link below.

Just in case you thought that shaved head was your idea....

Meet "Queen Kelis", the originator. I know, I know get over it. But the more and more I see those wanna be fashion icons(I will not say her name). I get sad because nobody ever mentions that well, Kelis was doing it 5 years ago.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Somtimes I love her, Sometimes I love her not...

O, good old New York. Home of Lady Liberty and the fashion capital of the world. I want you so bad I can taste you, and I am in so much anticipation of our spring tryst together I can hardly focus on finals......but life keeps getting in the way of our love.

-Yes, I wrote a love poem to New York. Why? Because, it seems to me that fate may not want me to make it there this January. First I and my academic record had to go under review(my advisor told me not to worry about this.) But after that minor hold up, now I've just found out my finances are lacking. I have realized that when I get to New York City, I will be beyond broke. Which is where you loyal readers come in, I am passing the collection plate to you guys. I have posted a donation button above this post, please donate any amount you can afford. I will greatly appreciate, and the favor will be returned if need be.

Where did all the black men go?!?

In recent news, the public has been very mad at golf great Tiger Woods. Why you ask? Well there's two reason's.

1. He has allegedly cheated on his wife with at least 10 women.
2. His wife, and all of his mistresses are not black.

***I have personally refrained from the conversation of inter-racial dating because it is very controversial, and I for one have never had anything against a man or woman dating outside their race. However, the black female population are angry because all of the good men are being taken by other races. But, I've always thought of it this way, both of my grandparents are bi racial and if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be the same person I am today.***


-----check out the link below to find out what made me so angry, and tell me how this made you feel?

Friday, December 11, 2009

The things I love about winter!

While fall is my favorite season because you get to pretty much combine all the seasons wardrobes into one. (Leggings, boots, skirts and dresses, cute jackets, flats and shorts-when it's still a bit warm.) I do really love winter, and no not just because of Christmas. I love winter dressing, although I am trudging around campus trying to stay warm- I have decided that I will become a fashionable snow bunny. I have posted, som pics to the right, of my new winter must haves, that are warm and fashionable. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Would you like to be published?!?

The magazine I work for is currently looking for poets and artists to submit their work. The magazine is a campus based publication, but we are accepting submissions from all over. If you are interested, please send your work to:
In the meantime......

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Santa Claus (in Kobe Japan)Image via Wikipedia

As a child I loved the holidays, having the housed filled with the sweet aroma's of my Grandma's cooking. Helping to decorate the tree, and of course the presents! But what do I miss most of all about my childhood holidays? The family time! I can remeber like it was yestereday staying up all night drinking egg nog and eating cookies with my Dad, as we watched The Santa Claus(my fav christmas movie!) on repeat. And watching the enjoyment my Grandmother had, as me and my cousins helped decorate.

---This year however is different, actually holidays haven't been the same since I became a teenager. So, this year I set out to make a christmas resolution---To spend as much simple quality time with my loved ones as possible. Who know's maybe me and my Dad will crack open some egg nog and cookies.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Follow me everywhere.....

Would you like to know what I've been up to lately? Well if you must know, I've been writing like crazy! From blog posts, to cover stories and photo shoots; UHURU magazine has been keeping me pretty busy. Click on the link below, to view some of my most recent work.
(FYI: I cut my hair, if you can't tell from the pic above!)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Couture Chic

As a Kent State University student I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by talented people from all walks of life. A few of these students collaborated together to make the "Couture Chic" photo shoot come to life.
Rachel Kilroy: Photography
Ashley Morgan: Styling and Hair
Rashonna Duett: Styling
Ryan Robinson: Make up

Please click on the link below, to check out this fabulous photo story.

Cyber Monday

Sale 50% off - Black Friday in San Francisco 2009Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

Hello fellow shopaholics!!!

Did you stay in to avoid the frenzy on black friday? Did you miss out on sales because you couldn't be two places at once? Or, and this is where I fit in. Are you just not done searching for sales yet?

---Well if you said yes to any of these questions. I have great news! Today is Cyber Monday!!!!
Cyber Monday is defined as the ceremonial kickoff to the holiday online shopping season. This event always happens the Monday after black friday. And just as you would expect the sales are worth the wait, with discounts on pretty much every item on the sites and normally free shipping as well. (I took advantage on my favorite website,


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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Website Roundup

For your shopping needs:
(Go to this website if you want black friday deals all year round, sign up for a free membership and explore the virtual find out about how you can get cash back!!!)

For your internship search: (a free listing of fashion internships) (complete guide to finding your magazine dream job: internships, advice, and scholarships)

For your reading pleasures:

Friend Spot:Brittnie Darnell Goins(:

Britt!!! Lol,always crazy always fun. When I found out my college roommate's name was Brittnie too, I knew that I was in for a very crazy freshmen year. We laughed, we cried, and experienced so much together in one school year that we chose to stay together for the next year. Although that actually didn't work out as well(being together all the time caused a rift), I still care so much for my former roommate and enjoy every moment we spend together. Sidebar: This lady may not consider her self fashion savvy, but she is known for having the flyest kicks! I swear I use to try to steal half of them, but her feet were bigger than mines!!!

1.Name: Brittnie Goins

2.Occupational/Career Goal:
I currently work at at retirement home but im working on becoming a nurse

3. Favorite Color:
Green is my fav color......but u already knew that

4.Do you Consider yourself fashion savvy?
No i am not fashion savvy but i wish i was

5.Style Icon:
I have no style icon but i do like the girly boyish style i think thats cool

6.Favorite Clothing Line or Designer:
Well i have not currently found a designer that tickles my fanny

7.Style/Wardrobe Must Have:
Jeans and shoes are a wardrobe must-have for me (she forgot to add, a cool graphic tee with shoes that match perfectly!)

8. Never Leave Home Without It:
I will never leave home without chapstick

9. Words to live by:
I have too many words to live by

The Great Internship Search...

In preparation for my journey to NYC I have been tirelessly applying for internships. I have even worked out a way to get credit for my internship(even though I am technically not suppose to take one for credit yet), just so I can get a internship at a magazine. However I have nothing to show for my hard work.
---Besides playing phone tag with Liz Claiborne, and 2 interviews with Rodale Inc.(a magazine publisher), nothing has happened. I feel like I am running out of internships to apply for-at least in the fashion magazine realm.

I am also interested in Fashion PR, should I apply for PR internships as well?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Don't go too fast. Because of reality television, everyone imagines they can just be a fashion designer, photographer, or model. That's not the way things go. Learn your craft." -Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, Vogue

Everything with a label on it should not be bought.

Dior Rain Boots

Plastic and patent leather, Dior, $440

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Dior's accessories!!! I actually list it as one of my favorite fashion houses(labels). However, I can't bring myself to buy rain boots for $440!!! Yes, they are cute, and yes they are made with patent leather. But it is not real leather, which means these boots will probably work just as well as the boots I purchased from Kmart. SO, the moral of this story, is sometimes you are just paying for the careful because brand names don't make you stylish.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"If you want to be a fashion blogger, what's stopping you? Start your own blog tomorrow!" --Natalie Hormilla, Editor,

*The moral of the story, keep blogging people keep blogging!*

New York, New York!!!!

As I try to finish out this horrid semester in Kent, Ohio with good enough grades, I contemplate a new beginning. If you didn't know, I will be spending all next semester in New York City for school and hopefully an internship! And as I scheduled my classes, and completed my first internship interview...I realized NYC is right around the corner. Now I will admit, this will not be your normal study abroad trip, and for some people going to New York for a semester is no big deal. But for me, someone who grew up in an urban gutter of Ohio, it's huge!! People I grew up with dream of babies and taking on a management position...some maybe even doctor's and lawyers. But I have never heard anyone in my hometown say they wanted to move to New York and write for a fashion magazine(Or maybe they left already:)

----And in honor of my NYC days to come, I will be starting a countdown(an actual timer is posted on the side of this blog.) Along with that I will be posting as much info on preparing for the Big City and finding an internship as possible.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An undying love affair....

"There's something magical and mesmerizing about fashion. It's such an amazing world, a getaway full of creative and gorgeous elements." -Priscilla Pena

The above quote is so very true. People ask me why I fell in love with fashion and this quote is my answer. While I actually do not enjoy dressing most people but myself, the world of fashion still draws me in. It is and will always be a never ending love affair, however I will no longer be studying fashion after this school year. While I do love it, I can't take the classes anymore. I have a goal and if I don't get out now, I will never hone my writing skills to achieve it. AND I WILL ACHIEVE IT! Stay tuned....a couple of years from now, you may see me on the masthead of your favorite magazine.

The Revival of Friend Spots: Devin White

What can I say about Mr. White aka Alex(:, besides we have a crazy past! We were friends first, then mutual crushes, then a couple, then friends, and now I don't actually know what we are. What I do know however, is that no matter what we have been through, I will always value this young man. He's probably one of the most intelligent guys i've ever met, but on top of that he's an individual. A self proclaimed shoe fanatic, with his own individual style.I mean his major is engineering but on top of his brains, he's an artist. And deep down, his artistic side is his most attractive quality. But enough about what I think....let's hear from Devin White, himself!

1. Name: Devin White

2. Occupational/Career Goal: Biomedical Engineer either Focusing in Footwear Biomechanics or Prothetics

3: Favorite Color: Columbia Blue...its strangely shifting toward Concord Purple

4: Do you Consider yourself fashion savvy? I mean...why wouldn't I?

5. Style Icon: The 60s and 90s...80s also. I loved the creativity from those who pushed just enough to complete a classy look...but never overdid it in the 60s...and Jeans were beasty then. Then I love how the 80s just pushed the envelope completely. That's really when people had FREEDOM with style...which lead to people in the 90s to help have their style mean something. So much was going on and style had a purpose.

6. Favorite Clothing Line or Designer: I LOVE Shades of Greige!!! That line is a serious problem and will change the game. I'm getting put on to more exclusive people, so I will update this in a couple months. ***See what I mean, by stylish, he hipped me on to this line!***

7. Style/Wardrobe Must Have: Soft Fabrics and Crisp Denim. Like I almost don't have to explain why.

8. Never Leave Home Without It: I will NEVER leave home with out my wallet. Or my underwear(bad experience in 1st grade.)

9. Words to Live By: A good leader doesn't demonstrate that he knows what to do, he teaches others the ways of his craft.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I would like to start off by saying that I am a strong black women, and I will never be anyone's groupie. OK! Now that's over....Trey Songs could so....get it!!!! I know, your not accustomed to hearing these things from me, but all you have to do is watch the video and you'll know exactly what I mean!!!!

---sidebar, no this is not the best video I've ever seen or even the best song I've ever heard...but Trey...well you see him don't you!?

Hooray for Fall!!!

Mother Nature blessed me with an actual fall filled day.(This means chilled but not too cold outside, leaves falling, the perfect day:) And I took full advantage of it. With a Fall photo shoot!!!! Do you like the pictures as much as I do?!

-All photos taken by Benjamin Moten