Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friend Spots-Christopher(yellow boy)

So I told myself that I wasn't going to interview anybody I'm dating. But it's his birthday, and I had to make an exception. And I know this can be said a lot but we actually have a strong friendship. We've had our ups and downs but we've always been able to stay up all night on the phone and talk about anything. Way before this dating nonsense came along we were honest with each other about everything, he even tells me things I'd care not to hear, lol. So this is for you Birthday boy. Stay Tuned for more.

1.Name: Chris Blumenstock

2.Occupation/Career Goal: Full Time Student

3.Favorite Color: Green

4.Do you consider yourself fashion savvy? Yes

5. Style Icon: Skulls(literally everything skulls, gotta luv him lol)

6.Favorite Clothing Line or Designer: Ed hardy

7.Style/Wardrobe Must Have: Earrings

8.Never Leave Home Without It: My Rosary

9.Words to Live By: Love Live Life( I have never gotten this phrase.)

10. there was no ? ten, but no survey is complete with only 9

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legging Heaven

Costume Dept. Studded Legging $24.99 at Urban Outfitters
I had to post these leggings because I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. This is the ultimate rocker chic love for me. And I can't wait to get my hands on them! Stay tuned to see if I get them.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My latest beauty find.

Now this is an oldie but goodie. Can you guess?.....Press on Nails! I will admit that I have fell in love with them all over again, and they have changed a great deal over time. No longer are they plastic barbie nails, now they are very similar to acrylic. And I know your all wondering what is a nearly 21 year old woman doing wearing press on's and all I can say is black nail polish. Press on nails are the perfect solution to black nail polish that chips. I polished the nails then glued them on, and now I have a no chip manicure to match my favorite black toe nail polish. The only flaw to this new trick is the nails don't stay on very long, I've had mine's on for 3 days and nails are already popping off, lol. But it beats the costly and nail bed damaging alternative of acrylic nails. Try the KISS - feather light brand press on's and let me know what you think. And remember to stay tuned, for more.

Fashion Show- 2 episode finale

Ok so I am a little late with this post, but things have been a little hectic. Anyways, as you all know the first season of the fashion show has finally come to an end. Now it's time for the recap. The first part of the finale brought the four finalists back together so that they could put final touches on their line, and have model fittings. Then came the actual fashion show; with my boo Reco going away from his normal corset top dresses and taking risks with a full feathered dress. Then there was Anna who had a collection of beautiful bright prints and John Paul with his normal weirdness. And lastly Dainella who rocked the stage with the most current styles, bringing together rocker chic with Balmain inspired shoulder pads; honestly I thought she did the best. To end this episode they held an elimination and booted Reco, saying he needed more training. I was sad but I do agree, Reco disappointed me in the final show. In the next and final episode they droned on with a reunion, then finally crowned Anna as the overall winner:( and Dainella as the judges favorite. Dumb America, how did you pick Anna!!! Well enough ranting, I'm off to find another show to obsess over, stay tuned.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friend Spots-Chenelle Brown

I used her first and last name because you can't say one without the other. I love this girl, she's my friend and my sister. And although she's not at my school anymore we'll be friends forever. Miss you CB!!!

Name: Chenelle Brown

Occupation/Career Goals: Student/Future Social Worker

Favorite Color: All vibrant colors

Do you consider yourself fashion savvy? I like to shop and I follow trends somewhat, but I wouldn't say fashion savvy. I just wear what I like.

Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna because they're not afraid to take risks and do their own thing. And Lady GaGa too, even though her style is weird to me.

Favorite Clothing line or Designer: Don't have one.

Style/Wardrobe must-have: Jeans!!! Especially dark wash flares, you can dress them up or down. I have so many and I don't feel like I have enough.

Never Leave Home Without It: My blackberry

Words to Live By: Live life to the fullest and have no regrets. You only live once so make it count.

Well that was my girl CB...stay tuned for more friend spots.

Friday, July 24, 2009


While strolling along the long dark internet road, I came across this site. The people who run this blog are giving away a really pretty necklace and 15% off anything from their actual site. All I have to do is post about the contest, with a link to the website and here it is>>> Check the site out the jewelry is really beautiful and you can order custom pieces. Good deal, for someone like me who loves jewelry! By the way the pic above is my fav piece, isn't it pretty? Stay tuned...for updates on my jeweled winnings.
Just in case you wanted to enter as well, here are the exact rules:
1. Become a follower of this blog
2. Post the giveaway in an entry in your blog (Entry must contain a link to this blog, as well as to and a picture of your favorite piece.)
3. Leave a comment on this post with the url of your blog entry
~UPDATE~Everyone who enters will receive 15% off one item (this is only applicable if all three rules are followed and you must send me an email at It's my thank you for all your support!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cutest Blog Award Nominee

Hello followers,
SO this pretty cool blog that I follow called La Belle Fleur ♥ is giving away the cutest blog award. And well anyone with a great blog can win it, you are able to nominate yourself or another blog until July 31st. Then voting will be open to anyone who visits the blog. Because I am one of the nominees the host Audrey Marie told us to advertise this contest, so here it is. Click on this link to check it out for yourself.
P.S.>>>>Vote For Me!

Friend Spots(Blog Series)

FriendsImage via Wikipedia

Everyone has people that influence their life in one way or another. In my life, I have had many. Some have come and gone, others have been there through thick and thin. All have given me reason to love and appreciate them. In honor of this fact I plan on paying a very fashionable homage to these people. This is a series that will last for weeks or months, however long it takes me to track these people down.

Here's a sample Friend Spot:
Name: Ruby
Occupation:Student/Blogger/Aspiring Journalist
Favorite Color: Red
Do you consider yourself fashion savvy? Yes
Style Icon: The timeless Sarah Jessica Parker. Sometimes Rihanna, it's ever changing.
Favorite Clothing Line or Designer: Dior- The old style of the new look.
Style/Wardrobe Must Have: A cute bag and funky jewelery
Never Leave Home Without It: Lip gloss and cell phone
Words to Live By: Be who you are and be happy with it. Individualism is key.

Well that's me. STay TUned....real friend spots coming soon.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I think I am a Jay-Z stalker(sorry B)

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 01:  Jay-Z performs during...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I have to admit I am a R&B girl by nature. But a few rappers will tickle my fancy. The man who has never let me down is none other than Jigga himself. So you can imagine my delight to know that he is finally dropping another blueprint. This is one album I surely will not download.

This is what Jay’s album promo schedule looks like so far(via
* Sept 10 - “Run This Town” webcast from Rocawear 10 year anniversary party in NY
* Sept 11 - Blueprint 3 album release & NYC concert assoc. w/NYC Fireman’s charity.
* Sept 13 - MTV Awards performance*Sept 12- Coldplay/Jay-z concert in Manchester,
* Sept 14 - Jay Leno’s primetime NBC series premiere performance (first musical guest ever)Seacrest, Letterman, and more appearances to come…
*Sept 16/18/19 Coldplay/Jay-z Concert London.

Thank You!

I would just like to send out a special shout out, to all 13 of my followers lol. While this may not be a large number all of you still make my day. Thank you for the kind words, encouragement, laughs and inspiration. And thank you for motivating me to keep speaking my mind. You guys should definitely stay tuned, because there is more to come.

Kelis is slipping further from her throne.

Now I know I just gave Kelis a round of applause on her crazy, fun fashion sense. But I did not expect her to go this far, I mean come on blue hair to match your ugly blue dress! I think she should have accentuated the baby bump. And speaking of baby, I'll digress here in honor of Kelis giving birth today. But let's pray motherhood will help her get it together...stay tuned to find out.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Phenomenon that is not Amber rose!

Amber Rose & Kanye WestImage by BitchBuzz via Flickr

Ok while I try my best to focus on fashion related issues, this is my personal blog so rants will come and go. The latest rant, is why is amber rose a sudden hot topic and fashion icon? I mean while I will not believe the rumors that she is a stripper, I will admit that she is not making herself perfect material to be wifed up by Kanye. I mean let's be real Kanye is the one who made this girl's style so unique I mean if there matching, who dressed who? Not to mention that she has publically made herself look like trash in a interview, I mean be adventurous in bed I can't or won't judge. But keep it to yourself!!!!! I'm sure kanye does not want yall sex life blasted all over the place. I will say this though, props on moving from a video girl/model, to a model/rapper's wifey. Just please Amber make your moves with some class.

Check Out Amber Rose's Risque Interview-via Necole Bitchie

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The many phases of me.

Now those that know me, know that I have always had long hair and although I've switched it up in various styles. I've always returned to my trusty long layered roller wrap. Lately I've been longing for something completely different, Idk if it's my search for a new way to mange my brittle ends or just because my 21st birthday is approaching. Whatever the reason sometime this year I plan on trying something new. I just haven't decided whether I'll make the change for my birthday or wait til I spend my spring semester in new york. Until my mind is made up I've posted my past styles above. Check it out, and let me know what you think about me maybe cutting my hair? But I have a few months to decide, so stay tuned to see what I choose.

Kelis-Fashion trendsetter, way before Ri Ri came along

KelisKelis via

Yes it's Kelis, Nas' baby mama and soon to be estranged wife. What I love about this woman is that through it all she remains herself, uniquely stylish. You see Kelis has been making waves on the fashion set for a while, but her music was never good enough for people to really take notice. Then came Ri Ri, who to put it nicely swagger jacked Kelis....from her cut, to her I'm weird and I don't care what you think style. I won't blame ri ri or her stylist, because let's face it we all are inspired by someone. I just hope Kelis can reclaim her throne once this mess with Nas is over.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vote for me!

My site was nominated for a Black Weblog Award!

Hello ladies and gents,

I've been nominated for the BLACK WEBLOG AWARDS! Please show your support and vote by clicking on the pic above!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrities That Take a Stand

Celeb Publicist Bj Coleman
Kadeem Hardison

Tatyana Ali

The celebs above have decided to show their support for equality and same sex marriage, by participating in the NoH8 campaign. I love when celebrities stand up for what they believe especially something as controversial as same sex marriage. I wonder who else will step to the plate..stay tuned to find out.

The Latest episode of The Fashion Show

It's finally here! My new addiction, Bravo's The Fashion Show has finally got down to it's final four designers. Including my boo Reco! In the last elimination challenge the designers had to create a evening gown, which means make or break in the fashion business. Some succeeded like the winner Daniella and some crashed like the loser Johnny. Honestly I'm glad he's gone he was ungrateful and had horrible craftsmanship. I can't wait to see who wins the on the 2-episode finale! Stay tuned...because I will definitely be announcing it.

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Photography Portfolio

The 3 pictures below are of models getting there makeup done backstage, at Fashion Pandemic.

The 2 pictures below are of models working the stage at Enigma.

In the 3 pictures below is up and coming designer Jasmine Williams, and inspiration for my blog logo.

A little about me.

For those that haven't noticed I have a deep love of fashion as well as writing. I have chosen to combine these passions by working towards a career as a fashion journalist. In my college career I have become a staff writer for Uhuru, a magazine on campus. (check out the link to the right) I have also become Vice President of an organization called Harambee and one of the many things we do is plan a fashion show. (Check back to see further posts about this) And I have also dabbled in some fashion photography which I will post soon. I just wanted to give my followers some insight to who I am...stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Case of the Missing Shirt

The picture aboove is of me in my favorite grey pinstriped vest, and my "Fashion Delivers" shirt. Now why am I blogging about this beauty? Because I can't find my freakin shirt! I love this shirt it goes great with my vest and some cute crazy converses. Or without the vest, and some cute flats. And as pictured above a cute hat...I mean it's a graphic tee what doesn't work with it? I just don't understand where it went! I mean have you ever had a favorite item of clothing...and when you need to wear it you have no idea where it went? Well that's the case of my shirt. Idk what happened, like I've heard of socks getting lost in the dryer but entire shirts! I am so...lost. O favorite shirt please come back! Stay tuned to find out if I find it

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kanye WORKS FOR FREE!!! Who woulda thunk it.

Yes it is true, Kanye West the Louis Vuitton Don is a lowly intern. New York Magazine has reported that Mr. West is an intern for the affordable GAP brand....I guess he needed a break from his high fashion days. SO the big question now is....will Kanye be designing a clothing line? The stylish rapper who has already made a brand out of his quirky style may just have it in him! Stay see where this internship takes him.

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The Summer's Hottest Shoe

The new celeb shoe craze is literally a hot trend. Louis Vuitton's spicy sandals have been showing up all over Hollywood on Beyonce, Amber Rose and Ciara. The Spring/Summer 2009 "Spicy" Collection consists of six tribal decorative patchwork sandals adorned with feathers, beads, stones and fringe. Celebs have stated that they are unlike any other shoe on the runway...and because of this they are willing to splurge on these shoes ranging from $1,890-$3,390. While I have to admit I am just in love with these shoes as Hollywood is, I will save my piggy bank by purchasing one of these much cheaper knock offs.

Wild Pair "Feather" Sandal- $70

Topshop Strappy Tribal Sandal- $145

Bebe Katrin Sandal- $149

Zara Tribal Sandal - about $170

Topshop Python High Sandal- $190

Which one's will I get? Stay tuned to find out.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This Week's Fashion Show

OK, so I'm back for a summary of my new love... Bravo's The Fashion Show! The show had a special airing tonight instead of it's usual Thursday night's. But that's OK because I was ready to root for my boo Reco with my popcorn in hand. I am glad to say he actually came out on top this week although he didn't actually win the challenge. Tonight's challenge was based on the contestant's Tarot card readings, where they had to design a outfit inspired by what the psychic told them. The top two designers made a beautiful nature inspired dress, and a subtle but very sexy suit. While this week's loser missed with a overdone sweatsuit and matching trench coat. While I thought the trench was pretty fly I would never have matched it with the sweatsuit....and the designer(Merlin) finally learned less is more. Who will make it to the final four? Stay tuned to find out.

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