Saturday, January 9, 2010

New York Updates

I don't know why, but this winter break has gone extremely fast! Like seriously, I will be hitting the road for the big apple next Thursday. And it didn't dawn on me, until my mom made hotel reservations for the weekend. Then it hit me, I still have so much to do!! I just washed clothes, but I'm sure I'll have to wash again and pack! And finish this article, that's due before I go to New York. Did I mention packing? Lol, am I the only one who can never repack all the clothes in the same suitcase, that I had brought them home in? Well today, I wanted to feel like I was actually preparing to leave, so I had fun with mapquest:

The quickest path from my apartment to my internship.

Stay Tuned for more updates on my NYC experience!

Friday, January 1, 2010

How did you bring the New Year in? What are your New Year's Resolutions or Goals?